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First Alert's Atom Photoelectric Smoke & Fire Alarm Continues to
Astound Audiences with its Intuitive Design and Peak Performance.

First Alert P1000 Atom Photoelectric Smoke Detector & Fire AlarmThe First Alert Store has been absolutely ecstatic with the overwhelmingly positive response and reception of the Atom Photoelectric Smoke & Fire Alarm P1000. Consumers have been very expressive in declaring their adoration for First Alert's incredibly intuitive and progressive approach to Smoke and Fire Alarms. Featuring all of the strengths of a traditionally constructed First Alert Alarm, the Atom Photoelectric Smoke and Fire Alarm allows users to achieve maximum room efficiency with the unit's extremely small and stylistically pleasing design.

The Atom utilizes a photoelectric sensor that actively searches for and detects smoldering fires. Advanced technology effectively cuts back on the number of false alarms that can be triggered by shower and cooking steam. Packing quite the audio punch, the Atom will alert any and all nearby residents of any potential threats. The inclusion of an LED light reassures peace of mind and offers users an alternative to escaping their place of residence in a safe and orderly fashion.

The Atom's increasingly thin and micro design makes it the perfect addition to any number of rooms and scenarios. Measuring at a fraction of the size of similarly constructed Smoke and Fire Alarms, the Atom has all of the potential to add multiple layers of style to any room or setting. Installation has also never been simpler as the Atom comes equipped with a Smart Product Clip that can easily be attached to any wall or ceiling. Representing the very best worlds of simplicity and efficiency, the Atom continues to establish itself as a superior option by including a longer lasting 3-Volt CR2-Lithium Battery.

The First Alert Store is your premier destination in acquiring the most efficient, reliable and industry exceeding safety equipment on the market. Our secure online servers provide the perfect platform to purchase Smoke Alarms, CO Alarms and the First Alert exclusive ONELINK Wireless Alarms. Purchase your Atom Photoelectric Smoke and Fire Alarm today and experience firsthand the ingenuity and brilliance of First Alert's latest and greatest contribution in the world of Smoke and Fire Detectors.

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