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First Alert Hardwired Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms Meet Current Laws & Legislation's

The First Alert Store features a robust assortment of First Alert Smoke Alarms and Smoke Detectors that excel as industry standards in offering the maximum in peace of mind. Not only are First Alert Smoke Alarms compliant with all state laws and legislations, they're incredibly easy to setup and feature a swift installation process. The First Alert Store has also included an assortment of First Alert Smoke and Combination Alarms that offer additional protection in the form of a battery backup. When it comes to safeguarding your home from the many dangers presented by smoke and carbon monoxide, you can readily rely on the First Alert brand to exceed as a premier safety enhancer.

The First Alert Store's online catalogue of Smoke and Combination Alarms has been meticulously tested to meet and surpass the qualifications set by state laws and legislations. This can be attributed to First Alert's decision to incorporate a series of performance rich technologies that excel in detecting a myriad of threats. The Hardwire Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Battery Backup is an excellent example of the First Alert brand's commitment to utilize multiple technologies to ensure optimal safety. Incorporating both an ionization and electrochemical sensor, this smoke/carbon monoxide alarm also includes a mute button that serves the dual purpose of silencing nuisance alarms brought on by cooking smoke and shower steam.

First Alert Smoke Detectors and Combination Alarms feature a near effortless installation process that allows for swift and convenient installation. Simply select the area for setup and follow the step by step instruction manual included with the purchase of each First Alert Alarm. A majority of First Alert branded Smoke and Combination Alarms also include a battery backup that ensures elevated levels in peace of mind. The 120VAC Hardwired Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup combines both swift installation and an elongated lifespan that features a battery backup in case of a power outage. The First Alert Hardwired Photoelectric Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup is another noteworthy addition that includes the aforementioned additions and Optipath 360 technology that provides 360 degrees of direct access to the smoke sensor.

First Alert Smoke Detectors and Combination Alarms represent the pinnacle of affordable and reliable solutions that can immediately bolster the safety of any home's surroundings. The First Alert Store offers no shortage of choices when it comes to selecting the perfect alarm to match any home's individual specifications. Ensure the safety of your home and surrounding area with the purchase of a First Alert Alarm that's renowned for its ease of use and steadfast performance.

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