What types of fires does the EZ Fire Extinguishing Spray extinguish?

The First Alert Fire Extinguishing Spray is effective on common kitchen and household fires including paper, fabric, wood, cooking oils, and electrical fires. Simply point and spray this easy to use fire extinguishing product from First Alert.

Should the Fire Extinguishing Spray be used any differently than a traditional fire extinguisher to put out a small fire?

The overall technique of using the Fire Extinguishing Spray is similar to that of a traditional fire extinguisher. Aim the EZ fire spray at the base of the fire and sweep from side to side at the bottom of the flames. One of the key advantages of the First Alert Fire Spray is its ease of use and intuitive design, providing consumers quicker response time in the event of a fire. Unlike traditional fire extinguishers, the First Alert Fire Spray can be operated with one hand vs. two, providing the user more control.

How large is the EZ Fire Spray?

The Fire Spray canister is about the same size as a standard can of hairspray and can fit easily into most drawers or cabinets.

Is the cleanup of fire extinguisher discharge from the Spray easy and safe?

Cleanup of the fire extinguisher discharge from the Fire Extinguishing Spray is easy and safe. After the area is cooled, simply wipe with a damp cloth - cleanup couldn't be easier! Unlike many other kinds of fire extinguishers, the Fire Spray is easy and safe to clean up.

How close to the fire should I be to use the Fire Extinguishing Spray?

The Fire Spray is designed to be used with small fires. Hold the can safely 3-4 feet from the fire and aim the spray at the bottom of the flames. Spray from side to side and discharge the entire contents of the extinguisher so you can be certain the fire is out.

Do I need to shake the Fire Extinguishing Spray before use?

There is no need to shake the Fire Spray before using, just simply remove the cap, hold the can 3-4 feet from the fire, and spray across the base of the fire.

Can I re-use the First Alert Fire Spray if after using it there is still some left?

Safety comes from knowing that you have the right products to protect your family. If you discharge the Fire Extinguishing Spray, you can't be sure how much remains in the can. Because you want to make sure you have enough product to extinguish another fire, it is recommended a new can be purchased.

Why is it recommended to use all the contents of the Fire Extinguishing Spray can on the fire? Can I save the rest of the contents for later use?

When using on a fire, all the contents of the Fire Extinguishing Spray should be used to help prevent the flame from re-igniting. Since cleanup of the fire extinguishing discharge is so easy, use the entire product, just to be safe. Additionally, it is recommended that you should replace your EZ Fire Spray once you have partially used it so that you can be sure to have enough fire extinguishing spray to protect your home in the future.

Is this is the same as First Alert's Tundra Fire Extinguishing Spray?

Yes, this is the new and improved version of the Tundra fire spray.

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