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George R
October 16, 2022
Verified Purchase
Right one

So far the product has worked flawlessly without any false alarms.

Susan T
July 20, 2022
Verified Purchase
Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

After 10 years, it was recommended that we replace our First Alert smoke alarms! So glad this model lasted and is still available! great product!

Byron R
April 2, 2022
7010B Works Fine

I replaced two smoke detectors that were at the end of their life frame, I decided to go photoelectric to not have to worry about changing the detector every 10 years, Just blow them out and they run another 10 years.

Arielle G
December 17, 2021
Verified Purchase
Easy to use detector

We installed these ourselves. Matched the old ports well.

Gavin Pryce Lewis
November 27, 2021
Verified Purchase
First Alert Hardwired Photoelectric Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup - 7010B

Your service was excellent. My order arrived within two days. I have no complaints whatsoever and will buy from First Alert again when necessary.

October 4, 2021
Verified Purchase
first alert smoke detector review

Excellent as expected!

Robert R
July 14, 2021
Verified Purchase
Peace and quiet

Did everything to get the original detector to stay out of alarm - blew it out with an air compressor, changed batteries, but the new one was installed in 30 seconds and now it's quiet. Yay

Robert Brennan
December 8, 2020
Verified Purchase

Very easy to install and no more false alarms with our older alarms!

Darlene Lopez
May 26, 2020
Verified Purchase

Easy to replace in existing old smoke alarm which stopped working after many years

William Adams
May 5, 2020
Verified Purchase
Re installation

This was a reinstallation and the detector when right into the old holder.

William Adams
April 27, 2020
Verified Purchase
Re installation

I was replacing an older smoke detector and found that the replacement fit right into the old holder and re connected perfectly. A simple test and we were good to go.

Charles Hugo
April 27, 2020
Verified Purchase

Very pleased, easy to install, good price and arrived on promised date. Also was advised on order confirmation and date shipped.

Kathleen McCarthy
April 24, 2020
Verified Purchase

same as I had. like this very much

April 18, 2020
Verified Purchase
Smoke alarm

Do the job

Margaret Baldino
April 16, 2020
Verified Purchase
Smoke alarms

Thank u

Bruce Wilson
March 18, 2020
Verified Purchase
Fast Service

Products were shipped immediately and I received quicker than I expected. Product was exactly as ordered and packaged well.

Steven Ernest
March 18, 2020
Verified Purchase
Great Value...

Product was as described. Very great value at a very great price. Our home has a different connector type but an adapter was included. What we were looking for.

Brian Miller
March 16, 2020
Verified Purchase
whole house replacement

product replaces previous alarms and were of the same specs which made replacement easy. Came quickly by mail.

Heimo Scheer
February 5, 2020
Verified Purchase
Replacement for 10year old alarm

Replacement was real easy with one comment: you cannot just pull the plug on the unit and replace the unit. The disk which attaches the unit to the ceiling also has to be replaced. The screws do not have to be taken out completely from the disk, just loosened enough so that the disk can pivot a few degrees and flipped out. Once that is done, replacing the disk and the unit is a breeze. Only point here would be that it sure would have been nice to have instructions to this end. Absence thereof, at least I saw nothing, just made a five minute no-brainer into a two hour head-scratcher, but then again, maybe I am slow

David Reim
October 24, 2019
Verified Purchase
Performs Admirably!

The photoelectric smoke detector performs the intended function without the false alarms and chirping. I highly recommend the device.

What is the proper placement of smoke alarms?
It is important that you have the proper placement for your smoke alarms. Install your alarms at least 20 feet from appliances like furnaces and ovens, which produce combustion particles. Alarms should be at least 10 feet from high humidity areas like showers and laundry rooms, and at least 3 feet from heat/AC vents. Be sure to install a smoke alarm in each bedroom, one at the top of each stairwell, and one on every level.
My smoke alarm keeps chirping and beeping. Why does my smoke alarm chirp intermittently?
It is likely that the reason your smoke alarm keeps chirping and beeping is that the battery is low. Whenever your smoke alarm keeps chirping, replace the battery immediately.

Other reasons include: It could be a different device or appliance such as a security system, monitor, carbon monoxide alarm, or other device which has a similar low battery or alert signal. Some of the same factors that cause unwanted alarms can cause intermittent alarms: dust and insects in the alarm or power interruptions in hardwired alarms. Improper wiring on AC or AC/DC smoke alarms. AC alarms will chirp every 5 seconds if the interconnect wire is grounded. The orange interconnect wire should NEVER be grounded; it should only be used to interconnect other smoke alarms or compatible devices.

Why doesn't my smoke alarm sound when I push the test button?
It is important that you frequently test your smoke alarms. When you are testing your smoke alarm, there are a number of reasons why the alarm might not sound:
  • You may not be holding the test button down long enough. Try holding it down for up to 10 seconds (20 seconds on photoelectric models) .
  • Your battery may not be installed properly or snapped all the way in place. Even if the alarm sounded briefly when the battery touched the terminals, you still need to make sure it is snapped securely in place. If the battery is loose, in cannot power the smoke alarm properly. After installing new batteries, be sure to test your smoke detector.
  • Your AC power may not be on. AC and AC/DC units will have a power indicator light (red or green) that shines continuously when they are receiving electrical power.
  • If you have a 10-Year model, the smoke alarm may not have been properly activated. If the tab broke away before the alarm was activated, you can use a toothpick to move the switch over to test the alarm.
Why does my smoke alarm go off when I install a battery or turn on the AC power?
It is normal for smoke alarms to go off and sound briefly (up to 5-10 seconds) when you install a new battery or when they are powered up. If the alarm continues to go off and no smoke is present, the cause may be one of the following:
  • There may be insufficient battery power, try new batteries.
  • Problems with voltage or insufficient electrical power (brown out) may cause a continuous weak sounding alarm. For AC or AC/DC models, temporarily disconnect power at the service panel until the brown out is over. If you do not restore the AC power, your smoke alarms cannot warn you of a fire.
  • Incompatible warning device. If an incompatible alarm or auxiliary device is linked into a series of AC or AC/DC smoke alarms it may cause the system inadvertently go off.
My smoke alarm keeps chirping, even with a new battery. What is causing this?
There are a number of possible causes for your smoke alarm to keep chirping even with a new battery.
  • It is possible that your smoke alarm "silence" button was pushed by mistake. The alarm will now "chirp" once a minute for up to 15 minutes before resetting.
  • Are you sure it's the smoke alarm? Funny to ask, but other devices have similar low battery chirps or warning tones.
  • Your "new" batteries may not be fresh. If batteries are stored, especially in cold areas like refrigerators, they lose their charge more quickly. Always check the freshness date on the package when buying new batteries. Keep plenty of replacement batteries on hand so that you are sure to always be protected by your smoke alarms.
I lost my First Alert smoke alarm owner's manual. How can I get a new one?
First Alert smoke alarm owner's manuals are available online for download at no cost. Find your alarm in our Smoke Alarms section.
Why does the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommend that home smoke alarms be replaced after 10 years?
Smoke alarms have a limited life. Although each smoke alarm and all of its parts have passed many stringent tests and are designed to be as reliable as possible, any of these parts could fail over time. Therefore, you must test the devices weekly. The unit should be replaced immediately if it is not operating properly. The performance of smoke alarms older than 10 years is simply not reliable. To ensure your family's safety, all carbon monoxide and smoke/CO combination alarms need to be replaced every 5-7 years. All smoke alarms need to be replaced every 10 years.

If it's time to replace your alarms, consider the NEW 10-Year Life series and never have to worry about a battery replacement for the life of the alarm.10-Year alarms are available in smoke, carbon monoxide and combination alarms.

Hardwired Photoelectric Smoke Alarm w/ Battery Backup

Promote greater fire safety with the First Alert 7010B Hardwired Photoelectric Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup. This hardwired smoke detector uses a photoelectric smoke sensor to reliably detect smoke produced by smoldering fires, helping give you a vital early warning of fire. A battery backup helps ensure seamless protection in the event of a power outage.

Photoelectric Sensor Warns of Smoldering Fires

The First Alert 7010B alarm comes equipped with a photoelectric sensor to provide the earliest possible warning of fire. The sensor is optimized to detect larger smoke particles produced by smoldering fires, such as those caused by unextinguished cigarettes. It also distinguishes between real threats and smoke/vapor produced during showering, cooking, and other everyday activities, helping minimize the number of false alarms.

Optipath 360° for Comprehensive Detection

Optipath 360° technology enhances the alarm's detection abilities by providing the sensor with 360° access to the layer of air around the ceiling. This allows the sensor to detect smoke, combustion particles, volatile components, and other fire signatures in the surrounding air more easily.

Easy Installation

The universal mounting bracket takes the hassle out of installation and covers up drywall cutouts, while tamper-resistant locking pins keep the alarm secure. Plug-in power connectors allow you to easily connect the alarm to an existing power source, making installation even easier. AC-powered smoke alarms must be installed in accordance with all local electrical codes.

Battery Backup for Detection During a Power Outage

This smoke alarm is designed for hardwired installation, but it also features a battery backup that helps ensure continued functionality in the event of a power outage. The unit comes with a 9-volt battery and features an easy-to-access battery drawer.

Works in Tandem with Other First Alert Alarms

In addition to functioning independently, this smoke alarm can also integrate with up to 12 other First Alert or BRK hardwired alarms for coverage of larger spaces. It also integrates with up to six other compatible devices, such as bells, horns, and repeaters. If one alarm in the series is triggered, they will all sound. The alarm features a latching indicator to identify which unit triggered the alarm, alerting you to the area of danger.


Recommended replacement for the following obsolete models: BRK 2002RAC

First Alert Photoelectric Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup 7010B

* California and New York Residents - Please note this alarm is not compliant with your State's 10 Year Sealed Battery Alarm Legislation Requirements.

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