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First Alert 10-Year Sealed Battery Ionization Smoke Alarm, 0827B

  • First Alert 10-Year Sealed Battery Ionization Smoke Alarm, 0827B
Tamperproof 10 Year Smoke Alarm 0827B

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First Alert 10-Year Sealed Battery Smoke Alarm

By continually striving to deliver the most intuitive and technologically superior equipment on the market, First Alert has earned its reputation as an invaluable ally in bolstering security and attaining unrivaled levels in peace of mind. The First Alert 10-Year Sealed Battery Ionization Smoke Alarm continues this trend by including an Ionization Sensor that's ideal for detecting fast flaming fires. Featuring a prolonged lifespan of ten years, this model utilizes a ten year sealed battery that ensures a decade's worth of uninterrupted awareness. The realization of a tamperproof design and the inclusion of a battery that doesn't require a replacement provide the ultimate in longevity and security. This model meets code for all sealed/tamperproof alarms and is the perfect addition for any number of properties.

Featuring a swift and near effortless installation process, the First Alert 10-Year Sealed Battery Ionization Smoke Alarm includes an easy twist mount and matching hardware. Further additions such as an increasingly loud 85db sound output and a powerful LED indicator add tremendous versatility to an already flexible alarm unit. An end of life warning has been included and will actively alert you and your surroundings whenever the alarm is in need of a replacement. Meeting UL217 standards, this alarm includes a 10-year limited warranty.

* Meets California 10 Year Smoke Alarm Requirements

First Alert 10-Year Sealed Battery Smoke Alarm Features:

  • Ionization sensor helps detect fast flaming fires.
  • The ten year sealed battery never needs to be changed for the life of the alarm.
  • Tamperproof, sealed alarm design, constant protection since battery cannot be removed.
  • Meets code for sealed/tamperproof alarms - ideal for rental properties.
  • Mute button mutes unnecessary alarms immediately. also tests alarm function.
  • Easy installation, includes easy twist mount and hardware.
  • Power LED and alarm indicator.
  • Loud 85db alarm.
  • End of life warning notifies you when the alarm needs to be replaced.
  • 10-year limited warranty - smoke alarms should be replaced every 10 years for maximum protection.
  • Meets UL217 standard.
  • Emits T3 Pattern.
  • Same Features as SA340CN and SA340B but adds Sealed Battery Technology.
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