Customer Reviews For The First Alert Onelink Smart Smoke + CO Alarm - Hardwired (1042135)

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4.8 Overall rating

John R
February 2, 2023
Verified Purchase

This item works very well just what I needed so that I get notified of an alarm at my house when I'm not home. This was an upgrade to the system I have in place without replacing every smoke head I have,

Mo C
February 9, 2022
Verified Purchase
Easy Install

The product came with all the hardware needed for the install. Enrolling it into HomeKit was easy if you strictly follow the instructions. I ran into some trouble and had to reset and start over.

Andy W
January 17, 2022
Verified Purchase

These seem to be very good units, and make a great upgrade from my old ones.

Michael S
January 8, 2022
Verified Purchase

Very impressed with the Onelink, the install, setup and configuration was very quick and easy

Michael S
January 4, 2022
Verified Purchase
Great product

The directions were very clear, the installation was simple, the setup and configuration was straightforward. I specifically like the ability to know which alarm was the source of the detection and the remote monitoring when I'm out of the house.

Kristen D
November 17, 2021
Verified Purchase
Easy Installation

Purchased the One Link hardwired detector to compliment our Home Kit accessories. Installation was simple as we current have First Alert hardwired detectors - The quick connect harness from our previous detector fit this system. Home Kit setup took longer than installation, but I expected technology issues….Here's to hoping that the detector sits mounted to the ceiling and never needs to be active!!

Gregory C
June 22, 2021
Verified Purchase
Onelink hardwired alarm

Easy to install and set up!

October 20, 2020
Verified Purchase
Sleek and Minimal

Product is very install to install. We choose it for the sleek and minimal profile.

John V
May 15, 2020
Verified Purchase

installation was pretty easy, hard part was navigating my step ladder into and out of the house. You can launch the OneLink Home app from within AppleHomekit to see detectors status smoke and carbon monoxide and battery status, and you can initiate alarm test from your cellphone. I haven't had a fire yet or a CO alert when not home or even if I was home, but presume those notifications will be delivered to my iPhone. Now if they would only make a OneLink explosive gas detector for natural gas, LP leaks...

Patrick Whelley
November 24, 2019
Verified Purchase
Easy setup

All the parts I needed to hard-wire this unit to my house were in the box. After install using the app to set up WiFi and alerts was just as simple. Setup was easy.

Curtis Canada
July 30, 2019
Verified Purchase
warranty replacement

This was a warranty replacement for a dead on arrival battery. Upon installation the original unit started complaining that the battery was low. A quick call to customer service got this unit. Out of eight units this was the only one with an immediate problem.

Curtis Canada
July 17, 2019
Verified Purchase
follow on purchase

This was a follow on purchase to a pair of Onelink smoke & CO alarms. The first pair have been working well for a month so I bought more. Setup was still a bit troubled, but resetting a couple of times got me through it again.

Curtis Canada
June 18, 2019
Verified Purchase
Straightforward setup

Despite some confusion, probably stemming from the VPN configuration on my iPhone, the setup of two hardwired alarms was straightforward.

Jose Perez Jr
May 24, 2019
Verified Purchase
Almost Perfect

I love that Onelink works with HomeKit, Apple's smart home platform. I've been able to set up many automations thus far. Setup was somewhat easy. It took several tries to get it to pair. I would also like the nightlight feature to include a motion sensor. So it turns on when you walk by and then turns off when you walk past it.

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