Customer Reviews For The First Alert Protector 7.7 Cubic Foot Fire Resistant Executive Gun Safe

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Christopher Marciano
January 28, 2016
Verified Purchase
Quality Safe for the Money

Overall, Its a solid safe for the money. There are those on the internet that make it seem like anything less than a $5,000 safe is a waste of money. No safe will keep out a determined thief with infinite time on his hands, but this will certain keep out the riff-raff looking for an easy score. DIY Improvements: The safe is small enough that you can put it in places like a closet that make it harder for a thief to use a crowbar for leverage or have room to swing an axe. In between the safe and the wall, I also filled the gap with cement board, which will improve the fire rating. With correct placement and a little DIY, you can reduce the threat from thieves and fires. Construction: I wish the had stated thicknesses in the description. Id have to re-measure to confirm, but I believe the front door plate is about 1/5 inch thick and the sides are either 12 or 13 gauge steel. The combination dial works well and smoothly. Door opens smoothly. The dimensions are accurate i.e., it is 21.00 wide, not 21 1/4 and the depth includes the handle. Space: It is a billed as a 12-gun safe, and like every safe, that means it could hold 12 Crickett youth rifles or 12 breakaway .410 shotguns. In reality, itll depends on which guns you have. I could see being able to store 9 guns, where 3 of them have optics. Shelves: It comes with a rubber floor mat and two adjustable shelves. Shelf height in the attached photo allows for rifles with up to 24 barrels. The shelves are easily adjustable with the clips. Moving Around: It is quite heavy, but manageable. The delivery guy helped me in the front door with it. By myself, I was able to get it off the pallet. I put some self adhesive felt furniture pads underneath it, which allowed me to easily slide it around. Mounting: There are two floor mounting holes and two rear mounting holes. The holes in the back are not in the middle of the safe, but on the sides one is on the near the top and the other is near the bottom. The holes are 5/8 wide. It came with two 3/8, 3 lag screws and two drywall anchors. These are useful for the rear holes if you are not lined up into a stud. There are some who dont like mounting to a wall in addition to the floor, but everyone says mounting to the floor is the most important. I went out and got two concrete anchors. Move it into place before drilling. Drilling into concrete is tough work so make sure you have a hammer drill. If you have a post-tension concrete slab, dont drill into it. Basis for Star Rating: I wouldnt give a $500 safe a one-star rating because it isnt as hefty as a $5,000 safe. Thats silly. Overall, I am pleased with the safe. The only thing I didnt like was that the holes in the fire protectant material was off-center from the holes in the steel.

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