Secure the Comfort and Safety of your Baby Room or any other Room with the World's First Homekit-Enabled Wi-Fi Environment Monitor.

Ensure optimal levels of safety with the First Alert Onelink Wi-Fi Environment Monitor with Battery Backup. Capable of monitoring varying levels of room temperature and traces of carbon monoxide simultaneously, First Alert's latest safety enhancer is the world's very first homekit-enabled Wi-Fi environment monitor. This monitor includes both visual and audio warnings that will readily alert owners to the presence of CO or a change in the surrounding temperature. The Onelink Wi-Fi Environment Monitor by First Alert can be instrumental in providing you and your loved ones that much sought after peace of mind.

Danger of CO/LED Rings

Often identified as the "silent killer", Carbon Monoxide is the leading cause of deaths attributed to poison in the United States. It is an odorless, invisible and extremely dangerous gas that can be emitted from any number of appliances found within the home. While the presence of CO is a danger to all within the household, it is especially harmful to infants and the elderly. The First Alert Onelink Wi-Fi Monitor with Battery Backup provides an excellent defense in properly alerting anyone to the presence of CO within its vicinity. This defense is twofold as owners will be alerted to dangerous levels of CO with a loud bursting siren and an LED ring that will shine red. Additional LED colors include white, amber and blue. These colors will correspond to the room's temperature. Should the surrounding area exceed your preferred heat settings, it will display an amber ring. Should the temperature dip, it will emit a blue ring.

Onelink iOS App

Versatility is increased tenfold with the inclusion of a free Onelink iOS app that will allow iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch owners to synch their devices to the First Alert Onelink Wi-Fi Environment Monitor. Owners will be able to receive notifications in the event of carbon monoxide detection. Shifts in the temperature and humidity will also be monitored. Simply define the ideal temperature and humidity settings for the room and receive push notifications when the temperature or humidity falls below or above the designated settings.

Always Connected, Always Protected,

The First Alert Onelink Wi-Fi Environment Monitor is the perfect solution for monitoring a baby's room or any other room in the household. Ensure the healthiest environment for you and your loved ones with a monitor that's capable of detecting CO and changes in the temperature. A host of other intuitive safety enhancers are readily available in the form of Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Alarms at the First Alert Store.

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