First Alert Smoke & Fire Alarms: Ten Years of Protection

One of the more common misconceptions about smoke alarms is that they cost an arm and a leg to purchase. A quick online search will yield a lot of results for phrases like ‘why are smoke alarms so expensive’ and ‘cheap smoke alarms’. It’s pretty revealing and provides some excellent insight on the motivations for a lot of online shoppers. The First Alert brand as a whole handles this in stride with a variety of smoke and fire defense solutions that can accommodate every budget. There are two extremely popular First Alert Smoke Alarms that come to mind when focusing on an efficient and cost effective answer to protecting your surroundings.  Available as a hardwired smoke alarm and battery powered smoke alarm, both detectors feature identical price points that push them into being amazing value.

The First Alert 9120B Hardwired Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup

Listed Price: $12.55

Far and away one of the brand’s most popular smoke detectors, this First Alert Hardwired Smoke Alarm excels in a lot of areas. When you look at the actual listing for this smoke alarm on the First Alert Store page, you’ll find many of the same phrases being repeated by reviewers. The words ‘easy to install’, ‘excellent replacement’ and ‘great price’ show up more often than not. It’s not difficult to see why as this hardwired smoke detector comes equipped with a series of features that can be found in more expensive units.

This hardwired smoke alarm features a seamless installation process with all mounting hardware included. One of the more unsung perks of a hardwired smoke detector is its ability to interconnect with other units. This model in particular can be connected with up to 12 other First Alert and BRK hardwired smoke alarms. This allows for some true customization when setting up a smoke, fire and carbon monoxide defense unique to your surroundings. When one alarm is triggered, all other detectors will sound off, alerting everyone. Add in a battery backup that will continue to operate the hardwired alarm’s function in the event of a power outage and you really do have a detector that punches well above its weight class.

The First Alert SA303CN3 Battery Operated Smoke Alarm

Listed Price: $12.55

Some could argue that hardwired smoke alarms aren’t as versatile as their battery operated counterparts. There is some truth to that. A battery powered smoke detector isn’t hamstrung by hardwired installation and can be placed wherever an alarm is needed. Fast installation and an amazing price point have made this a favorite for years. Here’s what some reviewers are saying about this smoke alarm in its First Alert Store listing: ‘easy to install’, ‘best price around’, and ‘that was easy’.

This battery powered smoke detector works around rewiring by offering a simple approach to installation. The alarm includes mounting hardware that makes replacing your existing detector a breeze. You’ll also have access to features such as a Test and Silence button that will allow you to instantly check on the operation of your detector. They’re excellent additions considering the longevity of this battery powered smoke detector. Similar to the aforementioned hardwired smoke alarm, this detector has a ten year lifespan. That’s a decade’s worth of smoke and fire protection for under $13.00. It’s an incredible value that has pushed these two models as standout favorites for years.

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Stopping nuisance alarms and alarm chirping can be as simple as checking your alarm's battery to something a little more involved as moving the alarm to another location. Let's figure out why your alarm keeps chirping. ..

How Do I Stop My Alarm From Chirping?

Enhance in Home Safety with ADA Certified Hearing Impaired Devices

We often receive messages from folks looking to enhance their in home smoke, fire and carbon monoxide safety while being mindful of hearing loss. We're happy to say that the First Alert Store currently features three hearing impaired devices that can quickly alert residents with a powerful LED strobe light that meets UL and ADA requirements...

ADA Certified Hearing Impaired Smoke Detectors

First Alert Smoke & Fire Alarms: Ten Years of Protection Under $13.00

One of the more common misconceptions about smoke alarms is that they cost an arm and a leg to purchase. The First Alert brand handles this in stride with having smoke and fire alarms available for every budget. The two smoke alarms we'll be focusing on today offer a decade's worth of protection for under $13.00. ..

First Alert Smoke Alarms Standard Models - Affordable and Reliable

What Are Wireless Interconnect Smoke Alarms?

When seconds are vital in safely escaping in the event of an emergency, you'll need a smoke and fire defense system that's capable of alerting the entire home. First Alert Wireless Interconnect Smoke Alarms remove the limitations of a standard smoke detector by being able to link with one another...

How do Wireless Interconnect Smoke Alarms Work?

Hardwired & Battery Operated Smoke Alarms: Quick Detection & Reliable Protection

When it comes to selecting a smoke alarm for your home, you'll have plenty of options to choose from at the First Alert Store. Whether it's the easy to setup and reliable protection of a hardwired smoke alarm or the increased coverage of an interconnected combination alarm, the First Alert offers smoke and fire protection in various forms. ..

Hardwired & Battery Operated Smoke Alarms: Quick Detection & Reliable Protection

First Alert Fire Prevention Month: Do You Have An Escape Plan?

Having a series of smoke and fire alarms installed in your home remains the best defense in the face of a potential fire. There's no replacing that initial window of time created by a smoke detector's ability to warn its surroundings. Having that time and knowing what to do with it remain two different things. Every home should have a fire escape plan committed to memory. ..

First Alert Fire Safety Month: Do You Have An Escape Plan?

First Alert Fire Prevention Month: Are You Protected?

October is Fire Prevention Month. The First Alert Store is here to provide you with the resources and fire safety equipment needed to ensure that you and your family are protected for this month and beyond. Did you know that 3 out of 5 home fire deaths took place in homes without functioning smoke detectors?..

Home Fire Prevention and Protection

Hardwired Carbon Monoxide Alarms: Create an Interconnected CO Defense System

While battery operated and plug in carbon monoxide detectors offer some excellent versatility with regards to installation, they lack the interconnected features of a hardwired carbon monoxide alarm. First Alert Hardwired Carbon Monoxide Detectors can be linked together, ensuring a large net of detection when searching for carbon monoxide. ..

Wired Carbon Monoxide Alarms: An Interconnected Defense Against CO

Plug-In Carbon Monoxide Alarms: Maneuverable Room to Room Carbon Monoxide Detection

There is something inherently convenient about being able to plug in a carbon monoxide alarm. You can simply plug in a carbon monoxide detector into a standard wall outlet and have immediate access to co detection. This makes plug in carbon monoxide alarms a popular choice for those who want to avoid the installation process of a hardwired or battery operated detector. ..

PlugIn Carbon Monoxide Alarms: Portable Carbon Monoxide Detection

Battery Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarms: 10 Years of Versatile CO Protection

Bypassing hardwired installation requirements, battery operated carbon monoxide detectors offer a lot more flexibility with their setup. Depending on the alarms you select, you'll be able to easily mount them onto walls, ceilings or even place them on desktops. Powered by ten year lithium batteries, First Alert Battery Operated Carbon Monoxide Detectors ensure a decade's worth of wireless co detection. ..

Battery Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarms: 10 Years of Versatile CO Protection

First Alert Traveling Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Forgoing hardwired installation, this traveling carbon monoxide alarm can be moved from room to room or be used on the go. No larger than the size of most cellphones, the traveling carbon monoxide detector is powered by a 10-year lithium battery...

Traveling First Alert Carbon Monoxide Detector

SmartBridge Home Security Systems & Security Cameras

Take control of your home security systems with the easy-to-setup Smartbridge security system. This unique home or office security system can be controlled or monitored online at any time, no matter where you are...

First Alert Winter Holiday Fire Safety Tips & Risks

The winter months carry a significantly increased risk for homeowners seeking to protect themselves and their loved ones from the very real and often lethal attributes of fire and carbon monoxide. First Alert Store offers tips and the tools required to keep your family and home safe from fire, smoke and carbon monoxide during the holidays...

Winter Holiday Fire Safety Tips & Risks by First Alert Store

Plan, Prevent and Protect your Home this winter with First Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarms

The winter months heighten the already potential lethal properties associated with carbon monoxide. It is absolutely essential that homeowners have access to a CO alarm that will readily alert their surroundings to the presence of the "silent killer", carbon monoxide. The First Alert Store offers a collection of carbon monoxide alarms that will allow homeowners to achieve the maximum in peace of mind this winter...

Winter Carbon Monoxide Protection by First Alert CO Alarms & Detectors

What's In Your Drinking Water?

The type of water we drink (depending on chemicals present such as bacteria, chlorine, lead, etc) can play a major effect on our body and our immune system if we are not careful...

What's In Your Drinking Water?

Recognize the Threats and Plan Accordingly with First Alert

Numerous studies have concluded that the very presence of a functioning smoke alarm reduces the overall percentages of fatalities associated with fire by a staggering half. The First Alert Store showcases an extraordinary amount of performance rich First Alert Smoke Alarms that are ideal for combating the many dangers presented by the presence of smoke, fire and carbon monoxide...

Fire & Smoke Safety Products From First Alert Store

Labor Day Weekend Home Invasions Spark Critical Concern

The Official First Alert Store features several home security products to give you peace of mind including security cameras, home security safes, security doors, motion sensing lights, home test kits, escape ladders and more!..

First Alert Hardwired Smoke Alarm Contractor Pack

The contractor pack of hardwired smoke alarms with battery backup isn't just for new construction it is a perfect fit for apartment complexes, fire departments and other organizations. This bulk smoke detector comes in a convenient 6 pack that includes individual packaging, a battery and a manual for each alarm. ..

BRK Wired In Smoke Alarm Contractor Detectors

First Alert Lead Testing Kits

First Alert Lead Test Kits contain enough materials for 4 separate tests for the multiple items you may be purchasing...

First Alert Home and Garage Lead Testing Kits

First Alert Mold Testing Kits

Spring is here and to me, that means rain. Many people have basements and with the saturated ground that can mean seepage. Seepage can easily turn to mold if you don’t dry your basement properly. Mold has become a real topic of concern due to its effects it can have on your health with long exposure times...

Home Mold Testing Kit by First Alert

Escape Light Smoke Alarm

If you have a dark hallway or even a dark area in your home, it may be a great idea to replace your smoke alarm with one of our Escape Light Smoke Alarms...

Escape Light Smoke Alarm

Hearing Impaired Strobe Alarm

This alarm is specifically made for the hearing impaired, however anyone can use it. There have been some changes made over the past years...

Hearing Impaired Smoke Alarm with Flashing Strobe Light

Hardwired CO Alarm

The Hardwired CO Alarm can be interconnected with existing smoke alarms and is especially beneficial when there are living spaces on different levels of your home. ..

Best First Alert Wired Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Fires: what you should know

A fire can happen to anyone anywhere. The best way to build your defense against fire is to become knowledgeable. Smoke of a fire is dark and can cause you to get lost and disoriented in your own home...

Fires: what you should know

What is Carbon Monoxide and who it can affect?

Carbon Monoxide is an invisible, odorless gas. It's produced when fossil fuels (like oil, gas or coal) burn. Because you cannot see, taste or smell it, carbon monoxide can harm and even kill you before you even know it’s there. ..

What is Carbon Monoxide and why is it dangerous?

New alarms coming to

Many states require you to have a hardwired smoke alarms in your home. This one does double duty and will detect fast burning fires and also smoky smoldering fires...

New alarms coming to

Holy Moldy! Controlling the Outspread of Mold

Mold, by far, is another contributor we can add to the list that causes (minor) health issues. Mold, a fungus that grows in damp areas, can cause health problems such as sinus, allergies, hay-fever, and common skin irritations if inhaled and/or physically exposed...

Holy Moldy! Mold Outbreak in Home

Holy Moldy!! PT.2 Tips and Tricks to Help Reduce Mold in your Home

As stated before, the key to reducing mold is MOISTURE CONTROL. However if you should experience an outspread of mold, here are some user-friendly tips you can take on reducing mold: REDUCE THE HUMIDITY IN YOUR HOMES: Using appliances such as air conditioners and de-humidifiers are a good source in removing moisture. Whenever you are cooking, showering, or cleaning, running a fan and/or opening some windows for air ventilation keeps control of the humidity in your home also...

Tips to Help Reduce Mold in your Home

Make It A Priority to Test Your Alarms Annually

Check your alarm's manufacturing date and warranty to make sure your alarm is in good standing and you are covered in the event you may need a replacement (if your alarm is not working properly or is malfunctioning)y..

Yearly Testing of First Alert Smoke Alarms

Special Pricing for the perfect Carbon Monoxide Detector

This detector is a plug in with battery backup. The plug in will only cover one set of plugs in your outlet so you can still use the other side of the outlet and the battery backup will give you the assurance that if the power goes out your carbon monoxide alarm will still be working!..

First Alert Carbon Monoxide Detector Deal

Tis the Season To Buy A Multi-Pack Set of Alarms

Not sure what to purchase for the holidays? has a variety of combo/multipacks that can help achieve your holiday goal: to spread good cheer and provide not only quality and safety, but quantity to accompany all (if not most)...

First Alert Multi-Pack Set of Smoke Detectors

How Safe is your home security safe?

Those days of hiding money under your bed, in a sock hidden in the back of your drawer, a piggy bank placed in your closet on the top shelf, or if you are anything like me hiding/stashing away money and other important variables in an old brief case with a combination lock to it, are genuine places however are not safe places (no matter how good we place/hide our keepsakes)...

First Alert Security Safes, are they Safe?

Just in time for the Holidays: Fire Protector Chest

We have just added several new items to our site, a new line of Fire Protector Chests. We carry several different sizes so you can pick on that suits your needs. They are small and compact to easily fit in a confidential space...

Just in time for the Holidays: Fire Resistant Locking Chest

How Do I Reset My First Alert Alarm's Battery?

Disconnect all power sources (take out the battery, if it is a plug in alarm remove it from the outlet, and if it is hardwired alarm disconnect it from any wiring). Hold the test/silence button for 20 seconds. Reconnect all power sources (put the new battery in, plug back into the outlet...

How Do I Reset My First Alert Alarm's Battery?

Pratice using your Fire Escape Ladder

With the winter months right around the corner and with many homes using their fire places it is important to practice some fire safety. We carry two fire escape ladders (for 2 story homes and for 3 story homes). ..

Fire Escape Planning - Using your Fire Escape Ladder

First Alert Motion Sensing Light Socket

The convenient way to add light to an garage, basement or hallway. Motion sensing lights are easy to install, just like a normal led bulb just screw in for more safety...

Tundra Fire Extinguisher, the perfect gift

This unique fire extinguisher is easy to use, simply point and shoot. I best describe it like spraying hairspray and it is about the same size as a large hairspray bottle. It is so small that it can sit on the countertop or store under the kitchen sink without taking up a lot of room...

Tundra Fire Extinguisher by First Alert - Gift Idea

Fort Wayne fire leaves 2 children dead, 2 hurt

Firefighters found four children inside the home. Fire, police and medical personnel performed emergency medical treatment, but one child died at the scene. The three others were taken to the hospital, where one of them later died...

Deadly Fire - Could Have Been Prevented With Working Smoke Detectors

Toxic fumes fill 3 Philly homes

11 people in Southwest Philadelphia, including three children, are being treated in the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning...

Carbon Monoxide Detector Saves Lives

Three Killed in Wayne County Fire

People living on the right side of the apartment where the fire happened made it out safely and are staying elsewhere. Three people are dead after an apartment fire early Wednesday in Wayne County...

Smoke Detectors - Three Killed in Wayne County Fire

50 tenants evacuated after deadly monoxide leak

Leak in a San Francisco apartment building killed a 77-year-old man and injured eight other people. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, tasteless, colorless and highly toxic gas that is a byproduct of combustion...

Deadly Carbon Monoxide Leak in a San Francisco Apartment Building

Woman, 23, Dies of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

High concentrations of carbon monoxide levels were found on the third floor 1500 parts per million," said Fire PIO Lt. Phil Champagne. "The accepted threshold is 35 parts per million any thing above 1200 can certainly immediately lethal. One of the women is in critical condition, she had to be revived by paramedics and the other woman is in stable condition after being given generous doses of oxygen...

Carbon Monoxide Detector Can Help Prevent Disaster

34 poisoned by carbon monoxide at family party

They were all attending a family party at a home near 200 West and 400 South last night when the poisoning occurred. The Godinez family was hosting the holiday party and cooking with a propane grill inside the garage. That's when people started feeling sick, so someone called 911...

34 poisoned by carbon monoxide at family party

Daylight Saving Time brings important safety reminder

With the beginning of Daylight Saving Time and the Spring Forward time change on March 9, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is urging people to take safety precautions with smoke alarms when they set their clocks ahead one hour...

Daylight Saving Time brings important safety reminder

Smoke detectors can give time needed to escape from fire

In two to three minutes, a typical living room or bedroom can become fully engulfed in flames.  But people who die in house fires often aren't touched by flame. People who die in house fires often do so without ever waking up, succumbing to smoke and poisonous gases before they are touched by flames...

Smoke Detector Early Fire Warning

Which type of smoke detector do you have?

Experts say the ionization alarm provides a better response to flaming fires, where the less common photoelectric provides a faster response to smoldering fires. Firefighters recommend that you have both...

Do you know what type of smoke detector is installed?

Carbon monoxide can be deadly intruder

There was no smoke billowing from the roof and no flames shooting out of windows. Even the interior looked untouched. But there was a hazard, and over time it could be deadly. Carbon monoxide could be called a stealth gas...

Carbon monoxide can be deadly intruder
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