Consumer Reports Selects First Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarms

October’s issue of Consumer Reports featured a study on carbon monoxide alarms. The study’s primary focus was on carbon monoxide detectors and their overall effectiveness in responding to the silent killer, carbon monoxide. Selected CO alarms were put through a series of tests that measured each unit’s speed and accuracy in detecting varying levels of carbon monoxide. Of the initial nine CO detectors picked for this test, two First Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarms finished in the top three. Consumer Reports selected the First Alert Wireless Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector as well as the Plug in Carbon Monoxide Alarm as two of its leading performers.

Consumer Reports Top Rated First Alert Interconnect Smoke & CO Alarm

Another important criteria tested in this survey was an interconnected carbon monoxide detector’s ability to reliably relay the presence of carbon monoxide to other units. When one interconnected carbon monoxide alarm is triggered, all connected CO alarms in the system will correspond to relay the message of danger. Consumer Reports selected the First Alert Wireless Interconnect Talking Battery Operated Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm as a top performer in this regard. First Alert Wireless Talking Battery Operated Smoke & CO Alarms remove the necessity for a wired connection (affording you more installation options in the process) and operate entirely on batteries. The latest advancement in a series known for its intuitive use of technology, First Alert Wireless Interconnected Alarms offer a means of creating a personalized safety network. Without relying on hardwired installation, interconnected detectors will afford you the luxury of syncing up to 16 alarms together. When one First Alert Interconnect Detector is triggered, all connected alarms will sound off immediately to warn you.

Consumer Reports Selects First Alert Plug-In Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Battery Backup

Designed to work with any standard outlet, this dual-power carbon monoxide alarm uses a battery backup. This will allow the plug in CO detector to continue to monitor the surrounding area for carbon monoxide in the event of a power outage. The plug-in carbon monoxide alarm features a backlit digital screen that provides an easy to read visual that displays carbon monoxide and power levels. The First Alert Dual-Power Carbon Monoxide Plug-In Alarm uses an advanced electrochemical sensor to detect traces of CO. This sensor provides increased sensitivity to carbon monoxide even at low levels. In the event of a false alarm, the silence/test button can be used to turn off the CO detector. Forgoing hardwired installation, this First Alert Plug-In Carbon Monoxide Detector provides immediate and reliable CO detection.

Carbon monoxide is an invisible, odorless and deadly gas that can be produced by any fuel-burning device. Known as “the silent killer,” CO poisoning is the number one cause of accidental deaths in the United States – responsible for an average of 450 deaths and more than 20,000 emergency room visits each year.1 First Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarms can  detect this poisonous gas and provide early warning.

1National Fire Protection Association

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