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Featured First Alert Products in the Month of April, Include Smoke Alarms, CO Detectors and Escape Ladders

When it comes to properly equipping your home with products directly beneficial to you and your family's overall health, the First Alert brand has assembled a collection that excels in offering the ultimate in peace of mind. The First Alert Store features a wealth of Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Alarms that utilize differing technologies to achieve optimal performance. Our secure online servers also include a host of Home Safety Products that include numerous products and accessories such as Escape Ladders that are necessary to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your surroundings.

By prioritizing the overall safety and wellbeing of its customers, the First Alert brand has secured its status as an invaluable ally in maximizing peace of mind. The addition of the First Alert 10 Year Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Voice and Location Feature emphatically proves this point by offering a decade's worth of steadfast protection against carbon monoxide. Multiple leaps in ingenuity have eliminated the need to ever power or charge this carbon monoxide detector with batteries. An end of life signal will readily alert owners once the unit has reached its ten year capacity. The realization of a Voice and Location feature combined with a fully powered LED and Alarm Indicator serve admirably in warning all nearby participants of a leak in CO. Combine this with a near infinite amount of installation options and you have the ideal CO detector.

The First Alert Store offers a significant amount of performance exceeding Smoke Alarms that are capable of detecting multiple threats within your home or place of work. The Photoelectric Sensor Smoke Alarm utilizes a technology that effectively reduces the number of false alarms triggered by cooking smoke or shower steam. This alarm implements Photoelectric Smoke Sensing Technology that is incredibly efficient in distinguishing between threats from those caused by minor occurrences. The addition of a Mute Button that can silence accidental alarms and test your model's functionality has also been included. To solidify your protection to an even greater extent, this First Alert Smoke Alarm comes equipped with an optional theft-prevention lock that will prevent others from tinkering with your alarm.

The importance of establishing a safe environment within your surroundings cannot be stressed enough. Not only does the First Alert Store offer premier selections with First Alert Smoke Alarms and First Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarms, they also feature a collection of Home Safety Products that are all capable of adding multiple layers of preparedness to any home. The First Alert Two Story Escape Ladder is an excellent addition to any two story home and can easily be deployed from standard windowsills. First Alert Three Story Escape Ladders have also been made available. First Alert Escape Ladders allow you to plan and review escape routes from a second or third floor. For these products and a host of other safety enhancers, be certain to visit the First Alert Store today!

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