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Protect What Matters Most with A First Alert Gun Safe - Four Year Old Child Dies in Accidental Shooting

"When the stakes are literally between life and death, there's simply no excuse not to secure your home with an ally that's dedicated to the well-being of your family."

First Alert Gun SafesIn a story that's becoming all too familiar within the United States, another incident linked to the improper storage of a firearm has once again resurfaced in the most tragic of fashions. Albeit too briefly, the underlying themes of a tragedy that's entirely preventable continue to resurface and terrify the general public. These disastrous events are conveyed through all outlets of media and are given nationwide attention, yet they continue to persist. This raises a rather serious question that demands an answer from any homeowner who elects not to purchase an accommodating gun safe for their firearms and ammunition. How many more children need to perish so senselessly before a parent begins to realize that the potential for disaster will continue to be present so long as guns are not properly stored in a safe and secure manner? When the stakes are literally between life and death, there's simply no excuse not to secure your home with an ally that's dedicated to the wellbeing of your family.

The onset of a late afternoon in February emotionally crippled the Westside of Detroit and spread a wide range of panic throughout the United States. What began as a harmless game of tag initiated by two 4 year old children would escalate and climax with the death of a 4 year old boy. Tucked under a bed, one of the children discovered an oversized and fully loaded rifle. Detroit Police Capt. Rodney Cox would describe the events that followed shortly thereafter as a "tragic, tragic accident that could have been utterly avoidable." This is yet another addition to a series of tragedies that continues to grow annually. It's a frightening trend that can no longer be neglected with ignorance and sheer indifference.

The purchase of a firearm should always entail the strict observation of a series in responsibilities. This is especially applicable to parents who choose to keep a gun within the household. The statistics alone are frightening enough to merit the attention of any parent considering or has already purchased a firearm. Surveys have deduced that children between the ages of 5 and 14 are eleven times more likely to suffer a fatal wound from an accidental gunshot in the United States than any other developed nation. Additionally, guns kept within households are 43 times more likely to kill immediate family or someone who is known by the family rather than used in self-defense.

The tragedy in Detroit and the countless others that have preceded it should serve as haunting reminder that a firearm in the home should never be taken lightly. The proper precautions such as establishing a secure destination to conceal your gun and ammunition separately need to be observed thoroughly and entirely. Homeowners need a solution that's both dependable and impenetrable. First Alert has aligned itself in the effort of providing weary and shrewd homeowners a solution to this aptly named "parent's worst nightmare". Servicing families across the United States and beyond, First Alert features a tremendously diverse catalogue of Gun Cabinets, Executive Gun Safes and other home safety products. Their selection is unrivaled in terms of offering premier safety and exhibit the best parts of versatility, strength and above all else, assurance.

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