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Frightening Home Security Statistics Usher in New Year

The FBI recently released a series of frightening statistics. 2013 has officially overshadowed its predecessors and is now being labeled as "One of the biggest blows in recent history". Aside from being an incredibly busy year for home invasions, 2013 spiked bloodily as random acts of violence and murder overwhelmed the country. From Washington to Maine, the United States was sacked for a crippling $4.8 billion in stolen and lost property. An approximated 2.2 million instances of burglary were reported. You must take into consideration that this number does not appropriately reflect the percentage of thefts that were unreported or dismissed. The numbers themselves are terrifying. Even more haunting is the emotional and psychological damage inflicted upon victims of home invasion.

By the time you have reached this paragraph, another one or two robberies have occurred in the United States. By year's end, one of every five homes will be subject to a violent and potentially fatal home invasion or burglary. 2013 was a record year for all for all of the wrong reasons and may serve us better as a learning experience. Criminals are becoming increasingly adept and fearless in their pursuit of ill-gotten wealth and inflicting harm. Now perhaps more than ever is the appropriate time to outfit your home with a defense plan that's proven to repel criminals and keep violence at a distance.

A recent study in Washington D.C. has revealed that security cameras DO instill doubt and hesitancy into any potential invader. The study also heavily suggested that the very sight of a well placed Security Camera more often than not detours criminals entirely. First Alert features an arsenal of Security Cameras and Accessories to defend your home from any potential home invaders. Wireless options allow you to personally mount Cameras in hot spots. Not only will you have a device to safely monitor your surrounding area, you'll be implementing a tested and proven defense against invasion. These can also be installed in places of work to bolster security and prevent internal and external crime.

First Alert Digital Wireless Recording System
First Alert Digital Wireless Recording System with 7 inch LCD Display and Two Digital Cameras (DWS-472)
First Alert Single Digital Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Camera
First Alert Security Camera Add ons
First Alert SmartBridge DVR Video Security System
First Alert SmartBridge DVR Video Security System, 16-Channel and 8 Night Vision 560-TVL Cameras (DCA16810-560BB)

The FBI recites that nearly every home invasion begins at the front door. Whether it's picking a lock or breaching a door with sheer force, a criminal's favorite point of access has proven to be the front door. You can remove this doubt entirely with the installation of an incredibly durable Security Door that doubles as a barrier and stylish layer. First Alert delivers a surplus of options for homeowners searching for that extra peace of mind that can only be established by a guarantee. First Alert Security Doors perform doubly as an immovable defense against unwanted visitors and as a shield from natural deteriorations such as rust.

2014 has all the makings to supersede last year's display of national violence. Remove the thought of yourself and those closest to you from ever experiencing the trauma associated with home invasion. Equip your home with the absolute finest in Home Defense this year. First Alert has proven to be an invaluable ally in preventing home invasions. One in five is an elevated risk that can be avoided altogether this year. Don't put yourself or your loved ones in a position of becoming a statistic this year. Trust First Alert to see you through these unpredictable and often violent times.

Leslie Locke Veranda Standard Steel Security Door 36IN X 80IN
Leslie Locke 65636X80NW Veranda Standard Steel Security Door 36IN X 80IN (Navajo White)
First Alert Venetian Security Screen Door 36IN X 80IN
First Alert 68136X80 Venetian Security Screen Door 36IN X 80IN
First Alert Sunrise Security Screen Door 36IN X 80IN
First Alert D10FA36X80NW Sunrise Security Screen Door 36IN X 80IN (Navajo White)

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