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First Alert Photoelectric Micro and Thin Design Smoke & CO Alarms

With the holiday season coming up, our sense of keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe and secure continually heightens. It's absolutely essential that we are able to celebrate amongst family and friends and not have to worry about the many dangers that may slip past an inferior smoke and fire alarm. Lucky for us, First Alert has designed a series of photoelectric smoke and fire alarms that not only guarantee your safety, but also undo the bulkier models of yesteryear.

New First Alert photoelectric smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

First Alert has perfected the science of incorporating photoelectric sensors into their line of smoke and fire alarms. A photoelectric sensor is specifically designed to determine the level of threat surrounding the area. This means the alarm will only recognize and alert its owners to genuine hazards. Due to its patented smoke entry system, the First Alert Photoelectric Smoke & CO Combo Alarm PC900 and the First Alert Photoelectric Smoke and CO Combo Alarm with Voice PC900V are especially unique in that they are capable of detecting both carbon monoxide and the initial stages of a fire. The technology allows minor mists from showers and cooking to go unannounced. False alarms are practically nonexistent.

The very design of the alarm is a welcome addition to any home. No longer are we restricted to the overlarge, heavy and just plain unappealing models that have decorated homes for years. First Alert has introduced a series of models that are not only easy on the eyes, but are virtually effortless to install. The First Alert Atom Photoelectric Smoke & Fire Alarm P1000 is particularly small and a definite far cry from its predecessors. It measure at only 7.19-inches high with a 2.5-inch radius and weighs only 0.18-pounds! It also utilizes a smart clip that makes installation an absolute breeze.

The First Alert Photoelectric Smoke Alarm With LED Escape Light P900E and its brothers are significantly slimmer and more appealing than its competitors. Featuring a sleek square design, these models add a bit of style in a place where you'd least suspect it. With measurements of 0.56-pounds and 4.92-inches long by 4.92-inches wide by .94-inches high, these models are an excellent blend of safety and style.

First Alert Photoelectric alarms are the perfect remedy for an industry burdened by out of date models and inferior technology. You shouldn't ever have to feel unsafe within your home. With First Alert, you have a proven ally in warding off hazardous threats and alerting you to any potential dangers. Celebrate the holidays this season and experience the comfort that accompanies premier safety.

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