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First Alert's NEW "POD" Personal Security Alarm with Motion Sensor
The Ultimate in Accessibility and Versatility - Multifunctional Security Device

personal alarms, personal security devices, handheld security devices First Alert has always been on the pioneering end of releasing some of the most intricately designed security and safety enhancers on the market. Their latest contribution, the First Alert POD Personal Security Alarm with Motion Sensor, Panic Alert and LED Flashlight is a multipurpose accessory that can be used in a myriad of applicable settings. Inherently versatile by design, First Alert's POD Personal Security Alarm offers premier security in the palm of your hand.

Eliminate the thought of ever feeling vulnerable in your travels by incorporating First Alert's highly productive and versatile POD Personal Security Alarm. The accessibility of an elite defense product has never been easier as this device utilizes a one button system to activate. A simple press of a button opens a tremendous wealth of valid and highly effective security options. The inclusion of a lanyard increases this accessory's already inherit versatility by allowing users to attach their POD to any number of traveling accessories. Regardless of whether you're looking for an elite defense to implement in your purse, suitcase stroller or computer bag, First Alert's POD utilizes a 100-dB alarm and a flashing LED to thwart off any and all thievery. A manually triggered panic alarm has also been included to assure absolute peace of mind and will alert your immediate surroundings of any potential dangers.

A simple two button process opens up the availability of a motion detector. After a twenty second cool down, you'll have proper access to the only POD on the market that utilizes dual sensing technologies. The addition of an accelerometer detects tilt and rotation while the inclusion of a magnetometer is instrumental in identifying linear movement. The realization of these two technologies transforms your POD device into a vigilant door alarm. Simply attach the POD to the interior of your door handle and you'll have immediate access to a highly functional motion detector that can be instrumental in preventing home invasion.

Regardless of whether you're looking to bolster your home's interior with the height of motion detecting technology or the premier companion to keep you safe on all of your travels, the First Alert POD is an incredibly versatile and effective solution in securing you heightened levels in peace of mind within and outside of the home. The First Alert Store continually releases products and accessories that exude safety and practicality. Buffer the interior and exterior of your home considerably with the purchase of a Security Camera. The First Alert Store also features an unrivaled selection of Smoke Alarms and Smoke Detectors that cater to each individual's specific requirements and needs.

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