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Contaminated Water Threatens Several Counties in West Virginia

This past week, the President of the United States issued a State of Emergency for several counties in West Virginia. Labeled the 'Largest ever in the area's history', a substantial leak of 7,500 gallons of contaminated water poured into the area's water reserve. An estimated 300,000 individuals were affected by the leak and many have been frequenting local hospitals to ensure theirs and their family's health.

The primary source of the water's agitation was a relatively unknown and obscure chemical known as methylcyclohhexane methanol. It's a substance that's often used to purify coal in the transferring process from one plant to the next. Upon discovering the contaminated water, The American Water Works CO. urgently declared it as the largest ever 'do not use' order to the surrounding inhabitants.

This traumatizing experience had severe consequences and sent home and business owners alike into a state of panic. The simple things that many of us take for granted such as fetching a glass of water, bathing or brushing our teeth had become an elevated risk. Small businesses such as restaurant owners had to altogether shut down or find an alternative to serving water. The contamination of the town's water directly resulted in a crippling blow for small business owners. Reports continue to surface of owners losing a substantial amount of revenue and customers. While no fatalities have been reported as of yet, an overwhelming influx of residents have been visiting nearby hospitals and reporting odd and an uncomfortable symptoms that are leaving both physicians and patients bewildered.

Water Test Kits are an invaluable item to implement in any home. They offer a reassurance that's second to none and inform the user of the slightest trace of contamination. First Alert sells an incredibly efficient Water Test Kit that instantly determines whether or not water is safe to drink or use otherwise. First Alert's Water Test Kits can detect bacteria, lead, pesticides, nitrates, chlorine and other harmful contaminants potentially affecting your water. First Alert also sells Test Kits for Radon, Lead and Mold awareness.

The threat of water contamination and various other potentially fatal occurrences aren't as rare as we'd like to believe. They're very real and should be approached with caution and the utmost preparation. Stay vigilant this new year and equip yourself with a proven and reliable solution in judging your home's safety.

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