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Featuring the Ultimate in Accessibility and Performance, the First Alert High Definition Wi-Fi Security Camera with Remote Accessibility through Your Smartphone or Tablet!

First Alert WiFi CameraWhen it comes to releasing intuitive and industry defining products that immediately bolster peace of mind, you can readily depend on First Alert to incorporate the latest technologies in a highly productive format. This is a statement that can readily be observed in their ever expansive series of Smoke Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Alarms and One Link Wireless Talking Alarms. Prioritizing the safety and well being of its customers, the First Alert Store will be featuring the latest chapter in a Home Security department that's already renowned for its reliability and steadfast performance.

The First Alert High Definition Wi-Fi Indoor Security Camera is the newest installment in a collection of First Alert Security Cameras that feature a broadened installation range and numerous points of accessibility. Featuring a near effortless installation process, this First Alert Security Camera utilizes a simple approach that effectively eliminates the many hassles attributed to modern day installation. A swift approach to installation also opens up a wealth of opportunities to explore when setting up your First Alert Security Camera. Should you ever wish to monitor a different area of space, you'll be comforted with the fact that the setup process is nearly nonexistent.

For the absolute premier in defense, this Indoor Security Camera's technological capacity has been strengthened with numerous features that allow for optimal efficiency and the ultimate in reassurance. Featuring HD 720 Resolution, this Security Camera includes a 1/4" Color CMOS Image Sensor and an Automatic Cut Filter that allows for sharp and pristine video footage. This Security Camera also includes ample storage space that supports up to 32 GB of memory. The inclusion of Motion Activated Recording will trigger your Security Camera's record function at the very first sign of movement. When you combine all of these features with Night Vision capabilities reaching up to 32 ft., you'll have a Security Camera that's fully capable of establishing an ever watchful presence.

The latest iteration of First Alert Security Cameras also addresses the matter of on the go accessibility. A built-in Pan/Tilt/Zoom control can be accessed via computer, tablet or smartphone. This feature works in conjunction with the ability of setting up e-mail alerts that will readily notify you of whenever your Security Camera's Motion Detector is activated. The addition of a two way audio system allows for an even more versatile experience that encourages owners to be especially creative when it comes to installation. The sum of all these additions and the many options to be explored when utilizing your First Alert Security Camera create the ideal indoor security presence

The First Alert Store is a premier online retailer for purchasing industry defining Smoke Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Alarms, One Link Wireless Talking Alarms, Tundra Fire Extinguishing Spray and a host of other high performance options. Purchase your First Alert High Definition Wi-Fi Indoor Security Camera and save an additional 15% off your purchase. This is a limited time offer and exclusive only to the First Alert Store. For additional information, please visit the Coupon Code page.

First Alert Indoor WiFi secuirty camera with smartphone app
First Alert Indoor WiFi secuirty camera with smartphone app
First Alert Indoor WiFi secuirty camera with smartphone app
First Alert Indoor WiFi secuirty camera with smartphone app

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