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First Alert Releases the Onelink Wi-Fi Thermostat, the Latest Innovation
from the Onelink Series

The First Alert brand has established a world renowned reputation for its meticulous attention to detail and its ability to release products that exhibit the very best qualities of performance and accessibility. First Alert Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Alarms exemplify First Alert's ambition to provide its customers the most reliable safety enhancers on the market. Branching into a new and exciting direction, the First Alert brand will be utilizing its ONELINK technology to create the latest iteration of the thermostat.

The First Alert Onelink Wi-fi Thermostat represents the height of accessibility, performance and customization. The inclusion of First Alert Onelink Security grants owners the convenient ability of enforcing temperature set point limits that allow your system to run within a set temperature parameter. This assures the maximum in comfort and prevents others from tampering and setting your air conditioning too low or your heat too high. The First Alert OneLink Wi-FI Thermostat also features a number of smart additions that effectively monitor energy consumption. Not only will this allow you to save money and cut back on energy expenses, you'll have complete access to the information of how much energy was spent in heating or cooling your home within the past seven days by utilizing the First Alert Onelink SkyPort Cloud.

One of the greatest aspects of First Alert's newest addition to the Onelink line is its streamlined approach to accessibility. Leaps in ingenuity have opened the door for homeowners to be particularly creative when it comes to controlling and monitoring their home's energy consumption. Regardless of whether you're entertaining in the living room, lounging downstairs or preparing dinner in the kitchen, you'll have complete and uninterrupted access to your First Alert Onelink Wi-Fi Thermostat at all times. A First Alert Onelink mobile app is also available and will allow you to easily send text messages directly to your thermostat's home screen.

The ability to personalize your First Alert Onelink Wi-fi Thermostat is also available as you'll have access to a host of options that will allow you to individually customize your experience. More than a dozen built-in nature and holiday themes along with daytime and nighttime themes come preprogrammed and are readily accessible for owners to browse. You'll also be able to install up to 100 photographs and display them as custom background wallpapers for your thermostat. The availably of a slideshow further increases customization as your thermostat will shuffle though your photographs whenever it enters screen saver mode.

All of these features and a wealth of others are all readily available upon a near effortless installation process. Innovative by design, the entirety of the Onelink Series showcases the many strengths attributed to the First Alert brand. You can purchase the First Alert Onelink WI-FI Thermostat, First Alert POD Personal Security Alarm with Motion Sensor and a collection of other intuitive and performance exceeding product on our secure online servers at the First Alert Store.

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