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Labor Day Weekend Home Invasions Spark Critical Concern

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The news reports following this year's Labor Day Weekend have been bursting with narratives of Home Invasions. Often life threatening, the accounts have been consistent in detailing and examining the psychological damage associated with a Home Break-In. The First Alert Store offers numerous solutions to securing that much sought after peace of mind. When it comes to safeguarding your home and protecting your loved ones, you simply can't afford to overlook First Alert's selection of premium Home Security Enhancers.

This weekend's spree of Home Invasions has caused Police Officials to soundly voice their opinions in favor of purchasing Security Cameras. A representative of the Stonington Police Dpt. in Connecticut would go on to say the following: "Homeowners need to understand that investing in a Security System is a giant step forward in saving lives and avoiding catastrophe." A neighboring citizen would echo this sentiment by chiming in: "Nowadays, you can't be too careful. You've got to buy a camera or something to make sure everything is okay." The First Alert Store features an excellent variety of indoor and outdoor Security Cameras that are capable of monitoring large distances.

The First Alert Digital Wireless Recording System with 7 inch LCD Display and Two Digital Cameras features all of the essentials needed to establish a safe and secure perimeter around your household. This set includes 2 DWC-400 Cameras that feature Enhanced Zooming capabilities, Night Vision and an increased 500 Foot Wireless Coverage. You'll also receive a 7" Monitor that enhances your defense's versatility by affording you the option of viewing multiple channels simultaneously. Maximize your home security by linking up to four First Alert Digital Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Cameras. An effortless installation process followed by First Alert's incredibly high standard for releasing products of the highest quality distinguish their collection of Security Cameras as frontrunners in the genre.

The First Alert Store is your premier resource in acquiring the latest Home Security products and accessories. Our secure online servers are fully stocked with Smoke Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Alarms, Fire Extinguishers, Security Chests and other highly affordable and performance heavy options. Never put yourself or your family in a position to become victims of Home Invasion and order from First Alert today.

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