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The First Alert Store Releases Three Visually Expressive Colors for the First Alert Atom

The First Alert brand continually represents the forefront for progressive thinking and intuitive application by releasing some of the industry's most reliable safety enhancers in today's marketplace. This is a readily observable fact that can be seen in their vast collection of First Alert Smoke Alarms. First Alert Smoke Alarms utilize differing technologies to achieve the ultimate goal of promoting safety within your home or place of work. The successful launch of the First Alert Atom Photoelectric Smoke & Fire Alarm elevated the genre significantly by offering maximum smoke and fire protection while showcasing a sleek and subtle design that would mesh into nearly any background. Due to its success, the First Alert Atom will now be featured in a collection of visually expressive colors that will cater to an even larger audience.

Featuring all of the strengths of an advanced photoelectric smoke alarm, the First Alert Atom Smoke and Fire Alarm assures maximum protection while presenting an entirely new micro design that adds new elements of style and safety to your surroundings. A favorite amongst savvy homeowners for its performance exceeding capabilities and its discreet approach to design, the First Alert Atom will now be available in three additional color schemes. The First Alert Atom Micro Photoelectric Smoke Alarm in Antique Copper Finish is an excellent addition for those looking to subtly enhance the safety of their surrounding area with a smoke and fire alarm that's designed to remain vigilant and unobtrusive.

The First Alert Atom Micro Photoelectric Smoke Alarm in Cherry Wood Finish is another great addition that can add significant layers of style and protection to any number of appropriate locations. Lastly, the First Alert Atom Micro Photoelectric Smoke Alarm in Polished Nickel Finish is another excellent choice that can naturally blend well with a near infinite amount of settings. It's also important to note that all three of these selections from First Alert contain three units. Assuring you that much sought after peace of mind at a fraction of the size and price, the First Alert Atom Micro Photoelectric Smoke Alarm 3 Pack is a safe and smart addition for any home or place of business.

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