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The First Alert Store has assembled an excellent selection of Home Safety Products that will allow home and business owners to test their surroundings in an efficient and precise manner. The hazardous properties associated with contaminated water can be identified with the assistance of a First Alert Water Test Kit. The utilization of a First Alert Radon Test Kit allows for a quick and definitive means of detecting the presence of cancer-causing radioactive gas. The First Alert Store has also stocked its online catalogue with a First Alert Lead Test Kit that measures the amount of highly toxic metals found in the household or workplace. The inclusion of a First Alert Mold Test Kit will allow owners to assess the amount of toxic mold negatively influencing their surroundings.

Home Drinking Water Test Kits

Incidents involving contaminated water have continued to spread throughout the United States. The city of Flint, Michigan's water supply is still being closely monitored and reevaluated three years after the initial discovery. The community of Bedford, New Hampshire recently reported that over 50 private wells within the area revealed elevated levels of water contamination. The unsuspecting nature and potential lethal properties associated with contaminated water is quickly emerging into a national concern that needs to be regularly evaluated. First Alert Water Test Kits provide an immediate means of quickly assessing your water. Water Test Kits measure bacteria, lead, pesticides, nitrates and other harmful pollutants that can be found in water.

Home Lead, Radon and Mold Testing Kits

The First Alert Store also features test kits that can identify sources of lead found within your surrounding area. First Alert Lead Test Kits are an ideal solution for measuring hazardous amounts of highly toxic metal. Overexposure to high levels of lead can cause behavioral problems, learning disabilities, seizures and even death. First Alert Radon Test Kits are also available and include all of the materials needed (no additional fees) to test your surroundings of radon. Radon Gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer within the United States and is responsible for thousands of lives every year. First Alert Mold Test Kits can also be purchased at the First Alert Store and provide a definitive means of identifying varying levels of mold. Overexposure to mold can often lead to difficulty in breathing, memory/hearing loss, dizziness and even bleeding in the lungs.

All four of these test kits and a series of other Home Safety Products are readily available for purchase at the First Alert Store. Establish a pristine living environment and secure the maximum in peace of mind with the assistance of First Alert Test Kits!

Water Test Kit
first alert water testing kit

Radon Test Kit
first alert radon testing kit

Lead Test Kit
first alert water testing kit

Mold Test Kit
first alert mold testing kit

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