Stay Connected with First Alert Wireless Interconnected Smoke and CO Alarms

Wireless Interconnect Alarms designed by the First Alert brand feature a series of safety enhancers that allow for the maximum in smoke and CO detection. Available as Hardwired and Battery Operated Alarms, the First Alert Store's collection of Wireless Interconnected Alarms utilize an interconnection feature that allows them to communicate with one another. Should one of your First Alert Wireless Interconnected Alarms detect the presence of smoke or carbon monoxide, the remainder of your interconnected alarms will alert your surroundings. This allows for unprecedented levels of protection when it comes to outfitting your household with the optimal defense against smoke and CO.

The advantages of owning a First Alert Wireless Interconnect Alarm are numerous. Not only can Wireless Interconnected Alarms communicate with one another, they can effectively protect the entire household from the many threats presented by smoke or CO detection. A triggered smoke alarm in the basement will sound off a unit installed in the bedroom. Interconnected Smoke Alarms will also pinpoint the source of the initial detection. All First Alert Wireless Interconnect Alarms come equipped with LED's. Should an alarm trigger, the red LED on the alarm will flash rapidly. The red LED on all other interconnected alarms will remain off during this process. This feature will allow owners to pinpoint the origin of the alarm's disturbance, while remaining secure in all areas of the household.

First Alert branded Interconnect Alarms are available in a variety of options. The First Alert Wireless Interconnect Talking Battery Operated Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm eliminates the need for a wired connection and operates entirely on batteries. This alarm utilizes an Electrochemical Sensor that allows for optimal efficiency in detecting carbon monoxide. The realization of Photoelectric Smoke Sensing Technology will effectively reduce the number of nuisance alarms triggered by cooking smoke and shower steam. The combination of an End of Life Timer and an increased emphasis on the unit's 85db sound output ensures peace of mind, while the inclusion of Dual Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Sensing all but guarantees the safest of experiences. The availability of the First Alert Wireless Interconnect Hardwired Smoke Alarm and First Alert Wireless Interconnect Battery Operated Smoke Alarm ensures owners have access to an optimal alarm in securing their household.

The First Alert Store features Wireless Interconnect Alarms and a host of other Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Alarms that integrate peak ingenuity and technology.

Whole-House Protection!

It is recommended to install a smoke alarm near each bedroom, with at least one alarm installed on each floor. You should also have one CO alarm on each living level. Gain peace of mind with First Alert Smoke & CO Alarms.

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