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Slim Design, Same Great Features, First Alert Smoke & CO Detectors

The First Alert Store is excited to announce that it will be releasing three new installments in its series of highly intuitive and performance exceeding First Alert Smoke Alarms and First Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarms. Building upon all of the strengths of its predecessors, First Alert's newest collection of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms showcases a slimmer design that's half the thickness of a standard alarm. By completely revamping the overall design of its flagship series of alarms, the First Alert brand is opening a myriad of options for homeowners to explore when it comes to properly installing their preferred First Alert alarm.

By continually striving to deliver the most intuitive and technologically superior equipment on the market, First Alert has earned its reputation as an invaluable ally in bolstering security and attaining unmatched levels in peace of mind. The First Alert Slim Design Battery-Operated Combination Smoke & CO Alarm with Voice and Location continues this trend by including a Photoelectric Sensor that's ideal for detecting slow smoldering fires and a Carbon Monoxide Electrochemical Gas Sensor that's ideal for increased accuracy while simultaneously reducing the chances of triggering nuisance alarms.

The realization of a Voice and Location Feature combined with a fully powered LED and alarm Indicator serve admirably in warning all nearby participants of smoke detection and/or a leak in CO. Half the thickness of a standard alarm, the PRC700V's installation process is rendered near effortless as it is equipped with a convenient mounting bracket. The alarm's natural sleek and thin design lends itself to be utilized in any number of appropriate settings. This First Alert Smoke and CO Alarm is the recommended replacement for the now obsolete SCO5CN model.

The inclusion of the First Alert Slim Design Battery-Operated Combination Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm affords homeowners an even larger amount of options to explore when selecting the appropriate First Alert Smoke and CO alarm for their individual needs. Featuring an increasingly loud 85db sound output, powerful LED indicator, end of life signal and mute/silence test button, the PRC700 utilizes Photoelectric Smoke Sensing Technology and Electrochemical CO Sensing Technology to achieve the maximum in peace of mind. This First Alert Smoke and CO Alarm is the recommended replacement for the now obsolete SCO5CN model.

The First Alert Slim Design Battery-Operated Photoelectric Smoke & Fire Alarm utilizes a patented smoke entry system that allows a direct smoke path to the photoelectric sensor to detect regular and slow, smoldering fires. First Alert's Nuisance-Free Technology will reduce false alarms that result from cooking and shower steam. The PR700 is a state of the art smoke alarm designed to provide early warning of a fire. It features a fully insect screened Photoelectric smoke sensing chamber, 85dB horn, supervised 9V battery power supply and a full function test switch. It also comes equipped with a tamper resistant locking pin that locks alarm to the mounting bracket to prevent removal of battery or alarm. The PR700 is the recommended replacement for the now obsolete SA710CN and SA710LCN models.

Regardless of whether you're searching to replace a preexisting alarm or seeking to maximize the overall safety of your surroundings, you'll have everything you need and more with First Alert's newest entries in its series of Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms. While you're visiting the First Alert Store, be certain to enter the First Alert Store's Onelink Giveaway Contest.

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