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A Full Ten Years Of Protection - First Alert's Tamperproof Sealed Smoke & CO Alarms

Secure the ultimate in peace of mind this year with the First Alert Store's selection of First Alert 10 Year Sealed Alarms. When it comes to utilizing the most intuitive technology to bolster the overall security of your home or place of business, you can readily depend on the First Alert brand to release the latest and greatest in accessibility and performance. First Alert 10 Year Sealed Alarms speak volumes to this effect as they're capable of delivering an unprecedented ten years of protection against the various threats of a potential fire.

An increased lifespan and numerous tamperproof features make First Alert's series of 10 Year Sealed Alarms an absolute must for any number of applicable locations. Ideal for both residential and commercial installation, the First Alert 10-Year Sealed Battery Combo Photoelectric Smoke & CO Alarm with Slim Design includes a Photoelectric Sensor that's capable of detecting slow smoldering fires and Carbon Monoxide while simultaneously reducing the chances of a false alarm triggering. The inclusion of a tamperproof design and the addition of a battery that doesn't require replacement provide the ultimate in longevity and security. This First Alert 10-Year Sealed Battery Combo Photoelectric Smoke & CO Alarm meets code for all sealed/tamperproof alarms and is the perfect addition for homes, hotels, apartments and any number of properties.

The First Alert Store also features the First Alert 10-Year Sealed Battery Ionization Smoke Alarm. Featuring the increased lifespan and tamperproof additions of the previous model, this First Alert Alarm instead utilizes an Ionization Sensor that specializes in identifying fast flaming fires. Showcasing a swift and near effortless installation process, First Alert 10-Year Sealed Alarms include an easy twist mount and matching hardware. Further additions such as an increasingly loud 85 db sound output and a powerful LED indicator add tremendous versatility to a series of already flexible units. These models also employ an end of life warning that will actively alert you and your surroundings whenever the alarm is in need of a replacement.

A wealth of industry defining safety precautions and a prolonged lifespan combine to make the First Alert 10 Year Sealed Alarms a standout amongst homeowners and commercial property owners alike. Start the New Year out right this January by assuring the absolute best in peace of mind and purchasing from a brand that's universally acclaimed for delivering the very best in safety and efficiency. For helping you protect what matters most, visit the First Alert Store and save an additional 15% off any purchase matching or exceeding $30.00. This is a limited time offer and exclusive only to the First Alert Store. For additional information, please visit the Coupon Code page.

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