Heating, Electrical, Holiday Decorations and Candles Cited as Main Offenders in Winter Fires

The winter months carry a significantly increased risk for homeowners seeking to protect themselves and their loved ones from the very real and often lethal attributes of fire and carbon monoxide. An overreliance on heating sources such as fireplaces, woodstoves and space heaters are contributing factors that reveal the winter months as being responsible for half of all home fires. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has cited heating as one of the leading causes for home fires that have resulted in deaths and injuries throughout the United States. The risk is further elevated with the in home presence of candles and holiday lighting/decorations. All of these factors differentiate the months of December, January and February as being particularly hazardous. The First Alert Store offers a large selection of reliable and intuitive Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Alarms that can be instrumental in safeguarding homeowners for the winter season and beyond.

Protect Your Household from Smoke and Carbon Monoxide this Holiday Season

An overdependence on heating appliances and the mismanagement of electrical wiring creates an opportunity for smoke and carbon monoxide during the winter months. That's why it's imperative for homeowners to have access to an alarm that's capable of rapidly detecting both threats. The First Alert Hardwire Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Battery Backup utilizes ionization technology and an electrochemical sensor. The sum of these features ensures smoke and carbon monoxide protection. The availability of the First Alert 10-Year Sealed Battery Combo Photoelectric Smoke & CO Alarm with Slim Design offers lasting protection (ten years) that's capable of monitoring a household for many winters to come. The installation of First Alert Combination Alarms ensures steadfast awareness in detecting smoke and carbon monoxide from the following holiday culprits:

  • Heating Appliances
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Fireplaces
  • Candles
  • Holiday Decorations

Enjoy Your Time Away From Home Burden Free with First Alert Onelink Wi-Fi Alarms

The holidays also present an invitation for homeowners to leave their household. Remove the thought of ever feeling vulnerable on your travels with the addition of a First Alert Onelink Wi-Fi Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm with 10-Year Sealed Battery. Featuring many of the same strengths found in a First Alert Combination Alarm, this Onelink Alarm is capable of alerting owners via smartphone in the event of an emergency. The ability to interact with a First Alert Onelink Alarm while away from the household adds exceptional depth to winter safety. Don't be left in the dark this holiday season. Enjoy your time away from home and completely remove the thought of smoke or carbon monoxide interfering with your vacation.

While the holiday season should be reserved for celebration, it's never a bad idea to be cautious when outfitting your household with an elite fire and carbon monoxide detector. The months of December, January and February carry an elevated risk for both smoke and carbon monoxide. Protect what matters most this holiday season and visit the First Alert Store today.

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