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Protect What Matters Most this Upcoming Fire Prevention Week with First Alert Smoke Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Fire Extinguishers

To officially commemorate and observe Fire Prevention Week, the First Alert Store will be showcasing a collection of incredibly efficient and affordable solutions to safeguarding your home or place of business from the many dangers accompanying a fire. Our secure online servers are stocked with an abundance of Smoke Alarms, Carbon Monoxide Alarms, Fire Extinguishers and various other high performance options that can be instrumental in protecting you and those closest to you. Beginning October 5th and ending on the 11th, Fire Prevention Week will be in full swing. Don't miss out on your chance to acquire industry defining equipment that utilizes various degrees of technology to "protect what matters most".

The First Alert Store features a fully realized collection of First Alert Smoke Alarms that employ differing technologies to achieve the maximum in peace of mind. Our online catalogue is brimming with a surplus of options to explore when it comes to selecting the appropriate Smoke Alarm for each and every individual. We feature an ever expanding collection of First Alert Photoelectric Smoke Alarms that specialize in detecting slow smoldering fires. The First Alert Atom Photoelectric Smoke & Fire Alarm is an excellent example of ingenuity meeting practicality. Utilizing an advanced smoke entry system and micro technology, this alarm is a fraction of the size of similarly constructed models. This unit also features Nuisance Free Photoelectric Technology that actively reduces the percentage of false alarms triggered by cooking and shower steam.

For those interested in safeguarding their home or place of business from a series of threats, the availability of Dual Sensing Alarms provide optimal efficiency by recording both slow smoldering and fast flaming fires. The integration of dual smoke sensors allows for one alarm to utilize both photoelectric and ionization smoke sensing technologies. The addition of a smart sensor that drastically reduces the number of false alarms accompanied by numerous convenient additions makes this an extremely versatile and efficient selection. Our online collection is further enhanced with the addition of Combination Smoke and CO Alarms that actively search for the presence of both smoke and carbon monoxide. The First Alert 10 Year Photoelectric Combo Smoke & CO Alarm with Voice & Location Feature is a premier choice for those interested in securing a decade's worth of dual protection against smoke and carbon monoxide. Other entries such as the Onelink Wireless Talking Battery Operated Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm afford home and business owners alike the luxury of customizing their security options by wirelessly interconnecting multiple units to one another.

Fire Prevention Week is centered on the idea of informing others of the very real and life altering dangers associated with fire and how to properly access information and equipment needed to prevent a potential disaster. In the event of an absolute emergency, the First Alert Store carries a broadened range of Fire Extinguishers. First Alert Fire Extinguishers can also be instrumental in providing you the first line of defense for minimizing property damage and potentially saving a life. Featuring all of the strengths and none of the bulk of a traditionally crafted fire extinguisher, First Alert's Tundra Fire Extinguishing Spray is an incredibly efficient and accurate home safety tool that can be utilized to put out fires. The U.S. Fire Administration has specified that fires can double in size every 30 seconds. It's during this brief window in time that fires can spread and evolve into something life threatening and home ruining. Due to its strength and ease of use, Tundra Fire Extinguishing Spray is a powerful and effective solution to implement in any home.

All of these options and a host of other highly responsive and performance heavy solutions are readily available for purchase through our secure online servers at the First Alert Store. When it comes to preparing your home with a near endless supply of affordable and reliable fire prevention solutions, you can always depend on First Alert to assist you in "protecting what matters most".

Smoke Alarms
Smoke Alarms

First Alert carries a wide range of Smoke Alarms and Smoke Detectors including photoelctric, ionization, 10 year battery, combo and more!
Carbon Monoxide Alarms
Carbon Monoxide Alarms

First Alert offers an excellent selection of Carbon Monoxide Alarms and Detectors.
Fire Extinguishers
Fire Extinguishers

Find the perfect sized fire extinguisher for your home, office or automobile.
First Alert Tundra Fire Spray
Tundra Fire Extinguishing Spray

Tundra Fire Extinguishing Spray is an incredibly efficient and accurate home safety tool utilized to put out fires.

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