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The Benefits of a First Alert Hardwired Smoke Alarm

When it comes to selecting the appropriate smoke alarm for your home or place of business, there are a series of matters to consider. One of the primary issues that should always be addressed is weighing the validity between a Hardwired Smoke Alarm and a Battery Operated Smoke Alarm. Both selections feature a wealth of benefits and should be chosen upon the individual's wants and needs. In the following section, we'll be detailing the strengths of First Alert Hardwired Smoke Alarms and why they're an excellent candidate for anyone who prioritizes safety above all else.

First Alert Hardwired Smoke Alarms have become synonymous with dependability. It's no secret that batteries eventually fade. By eliminating the necessity of relying on a battery to operate, hardwired smoke alarms have the advantage of sounding off where battery operated alarms have ceased to function properly. This can increase peace of mind tenfold as owners can eliminate any lingering doubts regarding battery life. As an additional safety precaution, First Alert's 120VAC Hardwired Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup has been equipped with a battery backup that will effectively monitor your surroundings in the event of a power outage. The inclusion of a battery backup added to hardwired technology affords owners the ultimate in dependability.

The ability to interconnect multiple hardwired smoke alarms is another luxury that can add multiple layers of protection to any home or place of business. First Alert Hardwired Smoke Alarms can work in unison by being attached to one another. Should one alarm sound off, any interconnected alarms will also warn others to the presence of immediate danger. Along with interconnecting, First Alert Hardwired Alarms are also available in the combination smoke and carbon monoxide variety. The Hardwired Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Battery Backup is equipped with ionization technology that's ideal for sensing fast flaming fires and an electrochemical sensor that can identify carbon monoxide.

The First Alert Store offers a variety of First Alert Hardwired Smoke Alarms. Featuring a near effortless installation process and a myriad of beneficial attributes, First Alert Hardwired Smoke Alarms are an excellent choice for any number of scenarios. For these alarms and a series of others, visit the First Alert store today.

Hardwire Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Wireless Interconnect Hardwired Smoke Alarm
120VAC Hardwired Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup

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