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CO String of Hotel Deaths and Illnesses Frighten the Country

In an effort to secure your safety and confidence, First Alert has created a highly versatile line of carbon monoxide detectors that carries all of the potential to save yours and the lives closest to you.

Carbon Monoxide is often described and labeled as the "silent killer". The title's appropriate as it encapsulates the very subtle and lethal nature of carbon monoxide exposure. A recent string of deaths associated with hotels across the United States has shed a dreary spotlight on this all too elusive and overlooked danger. These deaths are attributed to a general ignorance shown by hotel owners and a lack of efficient equipment, such as carbon monoxide detectors and battery backup CO alarms, to warn visitors of a potential life endangering scenario. In times such as these, it's imperative to advertise awareness and equip ourselves with a proper defense in battling this very real and dangerous threat.

On April 16, 2013, catastrophe shook the small town of Boone, North Carolina. Traveling from Washington State, an elderly couple was discovered dead in their hotel room for reasons that initially eluded local officials. The following autopsy revealed that the deaths were attributed to an overexposure of carbon monoxide. Not three months later, an 11 year old child succumbed to a similar affliction in the very same room that took the lives of the previous couple. An immediate investigation deduced that a vast quantity of carbon monoxide was leaking from the hotel pool's heater placed directly under the visiting room. Due to the severe repercussions of both instances, a bill was penned to enforce hotel owners to install functional CO Alarms in all of their rooms.

Similar instances of CO poisoning have been reported in hotels across the country. In January of 2011, the city of San Francisco was startled with the sudden illnesses of fourteen hotel patrons. Almost parallel to the incident in Boone, these fourteen individuals were exposed to a large amount of CO in a somewhat restricted and confined space. It's a frightening trend that continues to become more and more prevalent. A recent survey has revealed that nearly 500 lives are lost each year due to CO poisoning and that an additional 15,000 individuals are hospitalized. As of now, there exists a series of laws that require 27 states to install carbon monoxide alarms in their home. It should be noted that these laws are not always applicable to hotels. The recent tragedy in North Carolina has made it the only state to enforce the installation of CO alarms in all of its hotel rooms.

The underlying threats and dangers associated with CO poisoning cannot be understated. Too many lives have already been surrendered to the aptly named "silent killer". In an effort to secure your safety and confidence, First Alert has created a wide variety of carbon monoxide detectors with the lastesy technology that carries all of the potential to save yours and the lives closest to you. The Battery Operated Travel Carbon Monoxide Alarm is the perfect traveling companion. Incredibly durable and efficient, this alarm can easily be stashed in containers and properly utilized in any number of rooms. Effectively eliminate any insecurity associated with visiting hotel rooms with First Alert and their endeavor to promote safe and reliable solutions to very real and potentially life altering hazards.

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